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Powerful magnet function to catch iron powder and metal debris to protect oil.

Enlarged oil inlet ports providing oil flow efficiently and evenly throughout the chamber for more performance and reducing pressure loss.

The best oil filter and longer lifespan than ordinary oil filter.

This model is applicable for-
NZT240 (Premio 2001-2007)
NZT260 (Premio 2007-)
NZT240 (Allion 2001-2007)
NZT260 (Allion 2007-)
NZE121 (Corolla Runx 2000-2006)
NZE124 (Corolla Runx 2000-2006)
NZE141 (Corolla Axio 2006-2012)
NZE144 (Corolla Axio 2006-2012)
NZE161,164 (Corolla Axio 2012-)
NKE165 (Corolla Axio HV 2013-)
NZE121G (Corolla Fielder 2000-2006)
NZE124G (Corolla Fielder 2000-2006)
NZE141G,144G (Corolla Fielder 2006-2012)
NZE161G,164G (Corolla Fielder 2012-)
NKE165G (Corolla Fielder HV 2013-)
ZYX10 (C-HR HV 2016-2019)
ZYX11 (C-HR HV 2019-)
NHP10 (Aqua HV 2011-)
NCP131 (Vitz 2010-)
NHP130 (Vitz HV 2017-)
ZWR80G,80W (Noah HV 2014-)
ZRR80/85G,80/85W (Noah 2014-)
ZWR80G,80W (Voxy HV 2014-)
ZRR80/85G,80/85W (Voxy 2014-)
ZWR80G (Esquire HV 2014-)
ZRR80G,85G (Esquire 2014-)
ZSU60/65W (Harrier 2016-)
ZVW50 (Prius HV 2017-2018)
ZVW40W (Prius α HV 2017-)
AE100, AE110 (Corolla 1991-2000)
NCP61, NCP65 (ist 2002-2007)
NCP110, NCP115 (ist 2007-2016)
NZE151 (Auris 2006-2012)
NZE181 (Auris 2012-2018)
NCP51, NCP55V (Suceed 2002-2014)
NCP160, NCP165V (Suceed 2014-)
AE100 (Sprinter 1991-1994)
AE110 (Sprinter 1995-2000)
AT192 (Carina 1992-1996)
AT212 (Carina 1996-2001)

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The product and service are good. I'm happy with their service.